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ABC Liquor Licensing
Alcoholic Beverages

Our alcohol compliance consultants are industry experts. Let us handle your Federal TTB winery, brewery, distillery, wholesale and import/ export permits. Including state retail and industry licensing, COLAs, label approvals and excise tax reports. We will complete in house or remote audits, business compliance assessments, mock inspections and more.

Queen of Virginia Skill
Gaming - Casino - Skill

As more jurisdictions are allowing skill entertainment gaming, its important to stay in compliance. We are the experts in permitting, licensing and compliance services related to casino gaming, manager permitting, operators licenses, manufacturers, route drivers or other non gaming required licenses. We also handle fantasy sporting betting, charitable gaming and skill amusement compliance.

Cannabis - Hemp

An industry with ever changing regulations and the strictest adherence requirements. Our professionals, who are former and retired regulatory enforcement investigators, will make sure you're compliant and adhere to your state regulations and best practices. Including facility design, security practices, licensing, QA, audits and surveys and long term business planning.

Cannabis, Marijuana Licensing and Comliance
Tobacco, Cigar, Cigarette Licensing and Compliace
Tobacco - Vape

Even though the U.S. cigarette industry is on the decline. The cigar, smokeless, hookah, vaping and e-cigarette industry is booming. We manage your TTB and state permits, Import/export compliance, FDA regulations, provide certified employee training to name a few.



At FOUR Compliance we offer expert regulatory business services at an affordable cost. Our compliance team is comprised of formerly sworn regulatory investigators and special agents at one time in their extensive careers. If you want to hire an attorney, go for it, we are not a law firm, we are compliance experts who have the hands on experience to get your project or needs completed in an efficient, accurate and professional manner.

We specialize in four industries; alcohol, gaming, cannabis and tobacco. We provide four distinct services; licensing/permitting, compliance, consulting and employee training. We offer everything you need to be successful.


Remember, we are your risk management partner. We will not get you licensed and say "good luck", we give you the tools to stay compliant and be successful. If our clients are not successful we would not have a business.



Licensing - Permitting

Every regulatory industry had an extensive licensing process. Not only does your business have to be licensed, managers and employees may require a license and pass a successful background investigation as well. Whether your want to manufacture or sell alcohol, tobacco or cannabis, we got you covered. Need a state gaming license? we handle those too.

Alcohol, Gaming Licensing

Once your licensed in your industry, compliance is key to managing on going reporting requirements, passing regulatory inspections, receiving favorable government audits, record keeping requirements, excise tax remittance, bank secrecy act, AML compliance and more.

Regulatory Compliance,
Regulatory Risk Consulting

Providing you industry best practices, regulatory guidance, advertising requirements, employee hiring practices, internal policy and procedure review and more. Our consulting and compliance services go hand in hand. Cover of bottom line and inquire about our services today.

Employee Regulatory Training

Your employees are your front line for industry compliance. their mistake could mean your business and livelihood. If your employee are not properly trained they might not be aware of legal and regulatory requirements and why they are important to your business. We provide expert and state approved training programs.



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Herbal Alternatives


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